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Review: Vital Series: Sticks and Mallets by Vir2

Review: Collision FX by Sound Yeti

The Fundamentals of Sampling Instruments and Libraries

Review: Analog Strings by Output

8 Things Considered at NAMM 2018

Interview with Andrew Ostler: Developer & Founder of Expert Sleepers

Review: — A Music Production Platform

Review: Ensemblia 2 Percussive by Cinematique Instruments

Review: ULTRAKICK — Kick Drum Synth

Interview with Simon Stockhausen — Composer, Performer & Sound Designer

Interview with Alessio Santini, Developer and Founder of K-Devices

Review: Thorn Synthesizer from DS Audio

Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2 for Live Performance

The Fundamentals of Waveform Editing

The Basics of Wavetable Synthesis

The Basics of Additive Synthesis

The What, Why and How of Modular Synthesis

Plugin Review: soothe by oeksound

Analog, Tubes, Vinyl and the Future of Retro

Adaptiverb: An Innovative Approach to Reverberation

A Guide to Synth Modulation Sources and Controls

The Benefits of Self-Imposed Limitations

An Overview of the FabFilter Twin 2 Subtractive Synth

Content, Form and the Empty Container

The Basics of Synth Envelope Parameters, Functions and Uses

Bits, Bytes and Beers

How to Improve Acoustics in Your Home Studio

5 Essential LFO Parameters You Should Know

10 Weird iOS Audio Apps for Music Production

Introduction to Granular Synthesis

Introduction to FM Synthesis

Ableton Live and Cycling ’74: The Holy Alliance or Dynamic Duo?

50 Steps to Transform a Simple MIDI Drum Loop Into a Complete Track

10 Must-Have iOS Synth Apps for Music Production

The Luxury of Procrastination

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