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Alysse Stepanian – Out of Line


MANY is strongly committed to producing public events that provide a venue for performance opportunities and experimentation in music and interdisciplinary arts in the New York City area. Events produced by MANY are comprised of varied programs which may include new music, video art, experimental film, dance, poetry, performance art, experimental theater and interdisciplinary work. Programs are intended to expose audiences to work they may be unfamiliar with or would not have ordinarily sought out. As well as presenting the work of local New York artists, we actively seek to expose New York audiences to the work of artists from other parts of the U.S., as well as those from other parts of the world. Our projects hope to encourage communication and collaboration between artists, enhance the creative energies of all those involved, and expand audience awareness and support for all the arts.


Johnny Reinhardt conducting a work by James Marentic

MANY seeks to attract audiences from all walks of life, and the creative energies of young and old, emerging, emerged, or long established artists. We feel that combining these energies will be a powerful statement that will underscore the timelessness of creativity, and the value of collaboration as a creative force that extends beyond age, status, fashion, ethnicity, or financial position. We realize, appreciate, and acknowledge past innovations, and seek to build upon them through the unique changing voices of contemporary creative individuals.


Jeffery Byrd

Philip Mantione
James Marentic
Alysse Stepanian

Ricard de La Rosa
Wayne Peterson
Rachel Rosenthal
Sue Spaid
Chinary Ung



was our inaugural multi-media, interdisciplinary event and included new music for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, shakuhachi, and electronics, computer-interactive music , dance, performance art, experimental video, and computer animation .

Greenwich House, Hayden Auditorium
New York, NY

Participating Artists
Sonia Balassanian – New York (experimental video)
Jeffery Byrd – Iowa (multi-media performance)
Anne Deane – California (new music)
Robert Lemay – Canada (new music)
Philip Mantione – New York (computer-interactive music)
James Marentic – New York (new music)
J√łran Rudi – Norway (computer music animation)
Rebecca Stenn – New York (dance)
Alysse Stepanian – New York (multi-media performance)
Jeffery Byrd (multi-media performance)
Johnny Reinhard (conductor)
Steve Cohn (shakuhachi, hichiriki)
Mark Gustavson (clarinet)
Yoko Hirota (piano)
Pauline Kim (violin)
Alison Potter (flute)
Victoria Voronyanski (viola)
Jay Weissman (electric bass)
Curtis Woodside (cello)


…was a two-day performance event that took place on November 7 and 8 of 1998, at DCTV, located in the old firehouse at 87 Lafayette Street, New York, NY. The event featured: new music, experimental video, performance art and low-tech animation.

Participating Artists
Sue Spaid
Thomas Bachli
Adam Ames & Andrew Bordwin
Jeffery Bryd & Abinadi Meza
Jed Distler
Douglas Geers & Luke DuBois
Linda Ganjian
Philip Mantione
James Marentic
Nurit Newman
Linda Post
Leslie Raymond
Sue Spaid
Alysse Stepanian
Styliani Tartsinis
Jim Torok


…was a two-day event that included: experimental video, new music, dance, spoken word, performance art, and interdisciplinary work. The event took place June 15/16, 1999 at DIXON PLACE in NYC and featured:

Tony Alioto (tenor voice)
Monica Bill Barnes (dance)
Torsten Burns (video)
Steve Cohn (shakuhachi)
Douglas Geers (computer music)
Marija Krtolica (dance)
Verena Grimm (video)
Daniel Herskowitz (video)
Jillian Mcdonald (performance)
Judith Sainte Croix (new music)
Sue Spaid (performance)
Alysse Stepanian (performance and video)
Larry Weeks (spoken word)
The Kaleidoscope Ensemble
Pauline Kim (violin)
Ragga Petursdottir (violin)
James Kim (viola)
Christine Kim (cello)
James Marentic
Philip Mantione

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