List of Work


  • Blur; experimental video
  • Love Textures 12; computer music for 12 channels
  • Love Textures 24; computer music for 24 channels


  • Riverside Whistles and Bells; live computer music, hand bell choir and carillon


  • Earthquake V1; computer music
  • Earthquake V2; computer music
  • The Human Resistor; computer music and bent circuits
  • The Magician King and the Apprentice; computer music for video by Alysse Stepanian


  • Deadman Overlook; computer music
  • Music for Two Cars; collaborative sound installation with Daniel Eaton


  • Social Immune System; computer music.
  • Depth of Field; computer music.
  • HFone; computer music.
  • HFtwo; computer music.


  • Fabrics; computer music.
  • Valuri; computer music.
  • 4Minus4; computer music.
  • 4Plus4; collaborative eight channel computer music created with Martin Back.
  • Teethtones; computer music.
  • Sonata for Teeth; computer music.


  • Dialtone and Strings; computer music.
  • Sustained Textures; structured improvisation piece.
  • It’s ALIVE!; CD of live performances in Santa Fe and a video soundtrack.
  • ATMOSPHERE EVO-LUTE; Collaborative weather-driven installation with Martin Back.
  • FrankenCircuit; curated this multimedia collaborative installation and created a kinetic sculpture called Binary Clock for the event.


  • T = 2.7k; a 45 minute multimedia work with computer music, live computer-interactive performance by trumpeter, Ron Helman and video by Alysse Stepanian.
  • The Human Resistor; a sound sculpture and performance instrument made from hacked consumer electronics, plywood and copper pipe.
  • Random Textures; a structured improvisation piece for any number of players and any means of making sound.
  • Seven Loud Short Sounds; for any number of players.


  • Glitter, glamour and glory: HUNDE VERBOTEN; a BOX 1035 installation with Alysse Stepanian (audio excerpt)


  • B; music for baritone voice, string quartet, percussion and computer
  • Don’t be afraid, be ready; a BOX 1035 installation with Alysse Stepanian
  • …until you slip; a BOX 1035 installation with Alysse Stepanian
  • Solution to Pollution; computer music based on voice samples


  • Traffic for strings; music for string orchestra
  • Utility of Obsession: All Things Orange; a collaborative installation with Alysse Stepanian
  • Collage Party; computer music


  • Hex; music for orchestra
  • Drainage; a collaborative installation with A. Stepanian
  • Drainage Music; music for the Drainage installation


  • fourteen; computer music
  • Relativity; CD-ROM
  • Traffic; music for brass quintet


  • big band; computer music based on big band samples recorded by James Marentic
  • crowd; collection of computer music


  • liveReal; a collaborative multimedia event broadcast live on television and the web
  • motel; computer music
  • White, pink, regular & unknown; computer music and sound installation
  • Five; computer music
  • Elizabeth; computer music
  • Dorr; computer music
  • Buffalo; sound-track for video by A. Stepanian


  • Country Inn; computer music for video of the same name by A. Stepanian
  • Two Minutes; computer music
  • eggpoem; collaborative video with A. Stepanian
  • Reunion; computer music for video of the same name by A. Stepanian
  • 2000; collaborative video with A. Stepanian
  • Sinusoidal Tendencies; computer music
  • Sinusoidal Tendencies; CD-ROM


  • auditionherefreebeer; sound-track for video by A. Stepanian – based on a collaborative performance of the same name (audio excerpt)
  • Random 26; computer music
  • Ten or So; collaboration with Doug Geers, Alysse Stepanian, Steve Cohn
  • The Field; video of the same name by A. Stepanian
  •; music for art performance
  • Random 25; for string quartet
  • Radiator; computer music


  • 72 Hours: Acrobat’s Little Leap; sound-track for video by A. Stepanian
  • Steps; for alto sax and video tape
  • 50/50; computer music with slides
  • Music for Typist; interactive for typist and computer
  • Out of Line; for tape, violin, viola, cello, shakuhachi, hichriki, and shofar (written for Alysse Stepanian’s, Out of Line, a multi-media art performance)


  • E Pluribus, Pluribus; for five musicians and tape
  • The Anarchist; for solo piano


  • Three; for two pianos, clarinet and tape
  • Ochlokratia; for orchestra
  • Assemblage; for flute, clarinet, harp, and string quartet
  • Music for Corridor; taped electronic music
  • Human Sounds; computer music


  • XVII e Carrousel; for string quartet
  • Monads; for baritone voice, piano, percussion I and II, and five actors
  • Draw; for woodwind quintet


  • Brass Quartet
  • Random 7; for piano trio
  • Random 2; electronic music


  • One Around, One Across; for flute and clarinet
  • Duet for Violin and Cello


  • Absolute; for solo cello