The Autotelics

Autotelics_700wThe Autotelics is a group of sound artists formed for the purpose of realizing the sound installation, Music for Cars. Working independently under loosely defined parameters developed by consensus, each member composed a sound piece intended for playback on their car stereo system. In the installation, vehicles were positioned such that listeners were able to create and experience a personal “mix” of a continuously evolving multichannel soundscape based on their physical location in relation to the space. Looping the playback of individual works of varying length created a dynamic and serendipitous form that unfolded on the day of the event.

Phil Mantione – instigator

Listen to Excerpt (rough mix)

Premiere Performance/Installation:
Long Beach Sound Walk 2013
Saturday, October 5 @ 6:00 – 10:00pm


The Autotelics are:

Glenn Bach

As an artist who works with sound and music, Glenn Bach weaves field recordings, digital audio, and analog electronics into quiet, meditative soundscapes, with additional interests in improvised sound design for dance and silent film. His published music includes a duo project with John Kannenberg on the UK label Entr’acte, and a solo record on the Scottish label Dust, Unsettled.  He has performed or collaborated with such musicians as Steve Roden, Jeffrey Roden, Aaron Ximm, Chris Schlarb, smgsap, Marcos Fernandes, and many others. Bach leads the improvising ensembles Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, Double Blind, and Intense Situations of Peril, and oversees the MPRNTBL netlabel. His long-term project, Atlas Sets, is a collaborative conversation about musical map-making, contemplative practice, creative community, and artistic intention. Bach grew up in Southern California, and received his MFA in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Long Beach.


Brendan Byrnes

Brendan Byrnes is a composer, guitarist, and producer currently active in the Los Angeles area. He holds a MFA in Composition from the California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in Contemporary Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music. Between 2004 and 2010 he immersed himself in the Chicago music and art scene working with musicians and bands as well as spoken word, visual/video, and performance artists. He has collaborated on compositions with virtuoso violinist Mark Menzies, choreographers Stephan Koplowitz and Daniel Charon, and has had compositions commissioned by Ryan Espinosa and Adam Wolf. His works for string ensemble and orchestra have been performed internationally, most notably his orchestral work “Chroma’ performed by the San Francisco Sinfonietta in 2011. Recent works have focused on the use of just intonation and xenharmony best exemplified by his album Micropangaea available on Spectropol Records.


Dan Eaton

Daniel Walter Eaton has recently garnered notoriety for his unique approach to scoring films and  animations. Honed and trained in traditional music making, he easily slips between the worlds of wild or sometimes subtle musical experimentation and more formulaic derivative music. Daniel is a performer, recording artist, and teacher currently residing in the Los Angeles area. He performs regularly as a solo artist and also in the trio GRAMPUS that features percussionist/composer Mike Lockwood and trumpeter programmer Louis Lopez.  In both settings Daniel explores interfacing with digital audio and live visual media through interface with the laptop.  He has built custom micro controllers and interfaces for his trombone and also wearable video projection gear. He has performed with Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, Bobby Mcferin, Cloud Eye Control, Orkestar Meze?, The Open Gate Theater and many more. He currently  holds a B.M. in trombone performance from the University of Wisconsin and an M.F.A. in Composition, Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts. More information and upcoming events can be found below.


Max Foreman

Max Foreman is a composer of electroacoustic music from San Francisco, CA. His compositions include music for live electronics, sound installation, fixed media, and instrumental ensembles. His electronic works feature exploration of sound spatialization, granular synthesis, psychoacoustics and just intonation. His compositions have been featured at CEMEC in Stanford University and Mills College, STEIM in Amsterdam, Betalevel, Homeroom, and Machine Project in Los Angeles. He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2012 in Experimental Sound Practices.


Louis Lopez

Louis Lopez is a trumpet player, performer/composer, improviser, and educator. His music making centers around the integration of acoustic and processed sounds in live performance through the signal processing language of Max/MSP/Jitter. As an instrumentalist, Louis has performed across the United States in Honolulu, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and at the International Society of Improvising Musicians (ISIM) conference in Chicago. His professional music experience includes collaborations in film, dance, radio, animation, and concert music. His ensemble Grampus,a laptop based trio based in Los Angeles, released their debut album ILK ILK on pfMENTUM records to wide acclaim. It appeared on the KDVS TOP Ten Jazz Chart amongst the likes of Henry Threadgill and Ravi Coltrane coupled with radio play across the US and Europe. Louis continues to perform and teach privately in the greater Los Angeles area and abroad.


Phil Mantione

Philip Mantione has composed music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, computer, fixed media, interactive performance, multimedia installations and experimental video. He writes custom software in Max/MSP to create music that melds field recordings, sampling and computer generated sound into unique sonic textures. His Sinusoidal Tendencies, released on Innova, has been described as “austerely impressive” (Paris Transatlantic Monthly) and “a searing study in form and color.” Zane Fischer, of the Santa Fe Reporter, called his interactive sound sculpture, The Human Resistor, “…a satisfying, interactive rabbit hole, in which tactility becomes sound.” Mantione’s work has been presented at notable venues such as the Bing Theater at LACMA, Merkin Concert Hall (NYC), Baltimore Contemporary Art Museum, Islip Art Museum, CCA (Santa Fe,NM), SESI’ Cultural Centre (Brazil), CCCB (Barcelona, Spain), National Museum of Fine Arts (Cuba), and the European Media Arts Festival (Germany). Recent concerts include: John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium at UNM and the Southwest Festival of New Music (New Mexico).


Brian Saia

Brian Patrick Saia: As a sound artist, I aim to re-imagine history through its sounds and explore the audio-historical timeline of forgotten objects and places. I dig up buried sounds. Rummaging through yard sales, old attics, and antique stores, I attempt to resurrect and orchestrate dead sounds. Primarily, my work strives to discover, navigate, and evoke the enigmatic past of geographies and objects; as such, I am often inspired by antique instruments or desert landscapes. With my music, I collect these lost sounds in one moment and arrange them to both individualize and intertwine their temporalities and histories. Moreover, the present moment and its technological advances offer a unique vantage point from which the possibilities of the past become endless. Through my music, I endeavor to compose a sound-scape that, anchored in present sounds, guides the listener through a pliable past. Contemporary audio developments, like multi-tracking and digital manipulation, intensify and shape antiquated sounds within my work.


Ian Vargo

Ian Vargo is a Los Angeles-based Musician and Producer. He has studied at The Berklee College of Music, and The Savannah College of Art and Design. He has worked on Grammy nominated records, and his work with “The Wiitles” the world’s first Nintendo-Wiimote controlled rock band, has been featured in Mix Magazine. He currently performs with, produces, and mixes the bi-coastal trio Ugly, Ugly Words whose record “Queers” will be released this Summer. Additionally, he is a Professor of Audio and Program Coordinator of the Audio Production program at The Art Institute of California-Inland Empire.


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