The Door Project

(compilation CD – see Track 25)


Source: The Door Project Alta 02 CD

The Door Project is a collection of work compiled by John ffitch. Music created from the sound of the door of the Gentlemen’s toilet opening and closing at the ICMC 2000 meeting in Berlin. Included are works by Giannoulakis, Woodman, Castine, DiBenedetto, Anon, Devaney, ffitch, Solare, Barass, Penttinen, Beatsystem, Covell, Lopez, Mantaloni, Rhoades, Tao, Steiner, Smallwood, Akkan, Rutz, Fogar, Mantione, Herrera, and Rajchenberg.

Produced by John ffitch
© 2001 The Composers
All rights reserved

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