Various and Sundry Computer Music

Non_1_to_12 is a series of non works: non-musical, non-textual, non-performative, non-durational, non-material, non-instrumental, non-experimental, non-action, non-consensual, non-explained, non-fluxus, non-silence, non-sound, non-cochlear, non-noise, non-object, non-non-musical, non-non-textual, non-non-performative, non-non-durational, non-non-material, non-non-instrumental, non-non-experimental, non-non-action, non-non-consensual, non-non-explained, non-non-fluxus, non-non-silence, non-non-sound, non-non-cochlear, non-non-noise, non-non-object. © 2012 Philip Mantione

4Minus4 is computer music based on samples and bent circuits.
© 2010 Philip Mantione

4Plus4 is a stereo mix of a collaborative eight channel piece created with Martin Back.
© 2010 Philip Mantione and Martin Back

Teethtones is based on samples of grinding teeth and dialtones.
© 2010 Philip Mantione

Sonata for Teeth is based on samples of grinding teeth recorded with a piezo mic gaffed to my skull.
© 2010 Philip Mantione

Sollution to Pollution is based on voice samples of Nicholas Adams, Thomas Buckner, and Alysse Stepanian.
© 2006 Philip Mantione

Collage Party is based on samples from a collage party in Brooklyn, NY.
© 2005 Philip Mantione

Big Band is based on live recordings of a jazz big band.
© 2002 Philip Mantione

Human sounds was composed by layering recordings of people in various places in Los Angeles. Sounds heard are made by humans: eating, drinking, walking, talking, shopping, whistling, yelling, working, throwing objects and performing other typically human behavior.
© 1996 Philip Mantione

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