Music for Two Cars @ Autry Overlook and Passersby


Music for Two Cars @ Autry Overlook and Passersby – a collaborative sound installation by Daniel Eaton and Philip Mantione created as part of the Mulholland Dérive project.

This is a multichannel sound installation intended for playback through two car stereo systems. Mantione and Eaton created sound independently using an agreed upon structure and loosely defined textures. The dynamic spatial positioning of the cars in relation to each other and their configuration (windows, doors, trunk lids) will create ever changing sonic relationships. Listeners are encouraged to move around the space for a multifaceted experience.

The use of vehicles for a sound piece on Mulholland Drive is a clear reference to the transient and mobile lifestyle that defines Los Angeles.

A companion piece called Passersby, will document the anonymous and random comments, sounds, and/or sonic instigations of visitors. These recordings will be used for future sound works by the artists.

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